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Download mIRC Crack [v7.55] with Working Registration Code

Download mIRC Crack [v7.51] with Working Registration CodeHere we have shared a very useful tool that not many people know about known as mIRC. It is an Internet Relay Chat application that allows user to communicate within in an organization. Its latest version is mIRC 7.52 with many new features but it is not free to use. Team CrackAndKeygen has shared mIRC Crack with its setup free of cost to download. In addition to download link, I will also tell you why this tool is definitely worth the time.

What is Internet Relay Chat?

Internet Relay Chat is basically an application that uses internet for text communication. It is mostly used for group forum discussion however it also supports private messages. It may sound like technology from grandpa times but even today it is used by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. Chat in mIRC works on client/ server networking model. There are many internet protocols and layers used in it to ensure effective communication. User can also send files across the network.

You can use it to make a personal forum of your friends, school, university or office. There are groups in Internet Relay Chat is knows as channel. You will find all available channels in mIRC cracked when you install it. mIRC 7 is one of the best IRCs in the world with easiest user interface. In addition to Graphical user interface, you will also get to enjoy command line interface. You can find many commands online used similarly in all IRCs. For example:

  • /quit: Used to exit Internet Relay Chat
  • /list: Gives you list of all channels in a server
  • /nick: To change your nickname in IRC.

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Features of mIRC:

  • It supports UTF-8 with font linking.
  • It supports Netscape, Mosaic and MS Internet Explorer
  • A useful Switchbar and programmable menu bar and Function keys.
  • Smart CTCP commands and Events handler.
  • Supports basic audios like wav and midi.
  • You can colour the text for easier understanding.
  • Easily configurable aliases and popup menus.
  • A complete set of text formatting like font colour, Italic, Bold etc.
  • A secure powerful built-in Ident and Finger server

What’s New in mIRC 7.55?

In latest release of mIRC 7 all bugs and issues of previous version were resolved while enhancing user experience. You will be able experience its full uninterrupted features after you have registered it. To make it easier for you, we have applied mIRC registration code and full name. Some updates include:

  • Fixed server passwords issues.
  • Updated libraries.
  • Fixed network name issue in status bar.
  • Removed bug in log files that caused mixing.
  • Extended /bset, DCC Trust and LOADINFO structure.
  • Fixed script line parser and clear history bug while CA root certificates are also upgraded.

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Download mIRC Crack [v7.51] with Working Registration CodeHow to Install It?

Our shared mIRC Crack is very simple to install. Just follow the below mentioned instructions and you are good to go.

  • Download mIRC Crack from the link shared below.
  • Extract it using WinZip. Here you can Download WinZip v22 Cracked.
  • First install the mIRC.exe file.
  • Finally, Next run mIRC Keygen, it will apply the mIRC registration code.
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