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Download Latest SD Maid Pro APK with SD Maid Unlocker

SD Maid Pro APKYou will find SD Maid Pro APK with SD Maid Pro Unlocker on this page to download free of cost. We all complain about the mobiles getting slow with time. It is a very common no matter what device or and OS version you are using. It is specially the case in Android mobile phones. Android OS gets slower with time and even deleting data and apps don’t solve this problem. No matter how good the android OS is, it is still far behind the perfection.

So the question is, why do our mobile get slow and how do we solve them. Solution to this problem has been provided by SD Maid. This idea was inspired by how we acquire the services of a Maid to clean our houses. So why not get a maid to clean our mobiles as well. SD Maid Pro APK will clean your mobile that will enhance its performance.

Why Do Our Mobiles Slow Down?

Our mobile phones have very limited memory. We copy or install things on our system and then delete or uninstall it when they are no longer of our use. We do so because we have to save as much memory as possible and decrease CPU burden. However, even after uninstalling or deleting, some part of files are left behind. You can’t find or see these files but they are in your device reserving space and sometimes CPU time as well. To cover this flaw of Android, SD Maid was released and we have shared it on this page for you to download without paying anything.

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Great Features of SD Maid Pro:

  • SD Maid has a smart file explorer that browses your whole device even where user doesn’t have access and manipulates files as per need.
  • After browsing the device, it removes all files that are extra or unnecessary.
  • It properly manages all the applications of both system and user.
  • It looks for files that belonged to an app that has been uninstalled.
  • This app gives you the option to manually remove files in a way that there is no trace left.
  • You have smart options to search files with date or name.
  • SD Maid Pro also gives you a detailed overview of the storage that is free or being used.
  • It finds you duplicate files in your system. It even optimizes databases in your android.

SD Maid Pro APKWhat is SD Maid Unlocker?

SD Maid has a free version and a Pro version. Its free version has very limited features while Pro version can perform all above mentioned tasks with perfection. That’s why SD Maid Pro APK is not free to use. You can download and use its trial version but only for few days with many limitations.

No matter what country you belong to, no one likes to buy software and apps. This is why SD Maid Pro Unlocker was created. It will unlock the full features of SD Maid Pro from its trial version without you having to purchase any premium or serial. Below I have shared the link to download both SD Maid Pro and SD Maid Pro Unlocker.

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How to Install It?

  • First download and install the SD Maid Pro APK Trial Version.
  • Next download and install the SD Maid Pro Unlocker.
  • It will unlock complete features giving you SD Maid Pro free of cost.
  • Just restart the app and enjoy its full features.
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